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Bike fitting

Bike fitting

A mere centimeter can be the difference between hard and soft, between having a tough time and having fun, between doubt and certainty.

A bike fitting is no longer only for pros. Having your bike fitted makes cycling more enjoyable and gives you the opportunity to sort out any of those aches and pains you usually find when cycling a poorly fitted bike. And whether you buy a top model or one at entry-level: we ensure that you can make optimal use of your strength. We ensure that all your energy actually ends up on the tarmac and that you are comfortable on your bike.

Our fit service can take up to 2-3 hours using the Retül technology by Specialized. During this process, the fit specialist will personalise your bike position and equipment choice. In the end, saddle selection and position, shoes, footbeds, cleats position, and handlebar position are all optimised to your body.

We offer the following options:

Retül Bike fit deluxe (Saddle pressure mapping included) TT/Tri Bike3:00 uur€ 330,-Boek
Retül Bike fit deluxe (Saddle pressure mapping included)2:30 uur€ 295,-Boek
Retül lite / Bike sizing (Saddle pressure mapping included)2:00 uur€ 195,-Boek
Annual Fit Review1:30 uur€ 125,-Boek
gebioMized Saddle pressure1 uur€ 90,-Boek
Custom Footbed / Soles1 uur€ 129,-Boek
Cleat Adjustment – With Bike30 min€ 60,-Boek
Saddle height adjustment (no other adjustments)30 min€ 60,-Boek
For any other adjustments an hour rate will be charged60 min€ 90,-

Read what customers think of our bike fitting services:

Daan Kahmann:
Doing a bike fit at Kaptein is a true game changer. I have comfort on the bike now, got rid of my shoulder and neck pain due to overreaching and feel much more powerful on the bike. Their knowledge truly shines through and they give general objective advise, rather than trying to upsell all the products available at the shop. After my ask they recommended me new shoes, in combination with soles and more support in the shoe, which have changed pedalling massively. I can highly recommend this fit to any cyclist, from an amateur to a serious racer. It is a 100% worth the investment!

Andrew Valette:
Thanks a million for the bike fit yesterday. Took it out for a spin last night and could not believe the difference in speed and efficiency. New watts and speed numbers on the screen!

Stefan Bolt
If you think that you’re sitting on your bike perfectly after all these years. Think again. Your body also changes, so a periodic fitting is crucial for sitting comfortably and efficiently on your bike

Seroj de Graaf:
“I started cycling a few years ago, but always got saddle pain and pain in my knees and shoulders on trips longer than 80km. I got a full bike fit. Jeffrey helped me very professionally and advised me. Two weeks ago I cycled in 3 days from London to Paris without complaints. All ailments have been remedied. I can recommend it to everyone, because your bike will not only ride more pleasantly, but you will also learn a lot about your own body and posture. “

Wim Meijer:
“After I had purchased a new bicycle somewhere else, I quickly suffered from numbness in my scrotum while cycling. Adjusting the saddle didn’t help and I couldn’t figure it out with the bike shop. On the advice of an acquaintance, I ended up at Kaptein. I was helped very professionally by means of a saddle measurement. It turned out that I needed a completely different saddle. They mounted it directly and now I have no problems anymore. It’s great that there are still real professionals. ”