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Kaptein Tweewielers is a family business with a rich history. Below you’ll find the milestones in Kaptein’s history.


The beginning

Peter Goudswaard, born and bred in Amsterdam, starts working for Van Rossum. They sell mopeds and carry out repairs. The company has two stores, on the Rozengracht and the Overtoom.



Together with a colleague Peter takes over the company. After a few good years, the business unfortunately goes bankrupt after about 5 years.


Kaptein Tweewielers

In this year Peter continues independently under the name of Kaptein Tweewielers. This was the former name of the company he started to work for in 1972. Also known for the Kaptein mobylette mopeds. Kaptein was located at Overtoom 528 at the time and mainly sold and repaired city bikes. Painting mudguards white, installing chain […]



Through a customer of the store, Kaptein is one of the first in the Netherlands to start importing mountain bikes. “What can you do with such a bike?” was a frequently asked question. “Is this a cross bike for adults?” But Peter saw the potential and the demand kept increasing.


Specialized MTB

This year saw the introduction of Specialized mountain bikes. Van Herwerden in Voorburg was the importer of this brand at the time. Peter paid weekly visits to pick up bicycles there.



The Trek brand is introduced to the store. In the meantime, more and more customers also want to ride on the road with their MTBs, while some of them keep riding in the woods. The MTBs are increasingly getting custom-built: slicks, different saddle, suspension fork and above all a lot of bright colours! Click pedals […]


Kaptein is moving

Move to Overtoom 488. There came competition across the street and Peter did not want to see this rival all day. The new location also offered more space and a tramstop in front of the door. The old building remained under Kaptein’s management and became a bicycle shed. Before that it was a combination of […]



In addition to MTBs, more and more racing bikes are being sold. The focus of the store and workshop is therefore gradually shifting to racing bikes.


Kaptein FixMeisters

During the summer of this year, Tour du Jour will be recorded for the first time on the site of the Westergasfabriek. Kaptein opens a Fixie pop-up store in the Westerpark later that year under the name of Kaptein FixMeisters.


FixMeister is moving

In this year the Fixie store is moving to Rhijnvis Feithstraat 49. In this way the two locations are close together and connected to each other at the rear by a communal garden. This also provides extra space and expansion options.


Further specialisation

Even more focus on racing bikes and MTBs. It is therefore decided to stop Kaptein Fixmeisters. An increasing number of women start riding a racing bike. The store in the Rhijnvis Feithstraat is being converted and functions as an extension to the store on the Overtoom, but with a focus on specific clothing and racing […]



Kaptein starts bikefitting services to get the customers on their bikes as well as possible.


From father to son

Peter has been phasing out for a while now and his son Jeffrey is ready to take over Kaptein. He wants to innovate and give the store a modern and pleasant look. In the winter, a major renovation is started on the Overtoom.


Kaptein is growing

Kaptein is growing fast and soon the store on the Overtoom turns out to be too small. The workshop can also still be found at the back of the store. It is decided to move the workshop to Rhijnvis Feithstraat, so that both the store and the workshop can continue to grow.

Corona maatregelen

Beste klant,

Het Corona virus houdt ook ons in de greep. Zolang we kunnen blijven we open, maar we vragen jullie wel om onze regels te respecteren:

  • Maximaal 1 klant tegelijkertijd in de werkplaats en maximaal 3 klanten tegelijkertijd in de winkel. Is de deur gesloten? Wacht dan buiten totdat je aan de beurt bent.
  • Kom je voor de werkplaats? Neem dan de ingang op de Rhijnvis Feithstraat 49. Let op! Je kunt op dit moment niet langskomen met je fiets zonder afspraak. Bel ons om een reparatie in te plannen.
  • Houd alstublieft 1,5 meter afstand en blijf achter de balie. Heb respect voor ons personeel en voor jezelf! Let’s stay healthy!!
  • We accepteren alleen nog maar PIN betalingen en geen contant geld.

We proberen ons serviceniveau hoog te houden, maar het gaat waarschijnlijk in sommige gevallen niet lukken zoals jullie van ons gewend zijn. We doen ons best lieve mensen!!

Groeten Team Kaptein


Dear customer,

The Corona virus is also affecting us. We will stay open as long as we can, but we ask you to respect our rules:

  • Maximum 1 customer at the same time in the workshop and maximum 3 customers at the same time in the store. Is the door closed? Then wait outside until it's your turn.
  • Are you coming for the workshop? Then take the entrance at Rhijnvis Feithstraat 49. Please note! At this time you cannot come by with your bike without an appointment. Call us to schedule a repair.
  • Please keep 1.5 meters distance and stay behind the counter. Respect our staff and yourself! Let's stay healthy!!
  • We only accept PIN payments and no cash.

We try to keep our service level high, but in some cases it can be somewhat less than expected. We try our best for you lovely people!!

Regards Team Kaptein