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The workshop is the beating heart of Kaptein. Here we combine passion for technology, love for the bike and pure craftsmanship in order to put your bike back in top condition.

Of course we have an eye for your wishes. Our spacious and modern workshop is top-of-the-bill. And it should be because your bike deserves nothing less. We make sure that your bike is and remains in top condition. We know all about the latest gadgets from all brands and our technical knowledge is always up-to-date.

Our mechanics are ready for you whenever you need them. Our costs are crystal clear: we use fixed prices so there’ll be no surprises afterwards. And we will always give you a call if something unexpected with your bike pops up.

Look below to get an idea of our rates. These do not include any replacement parts. If you want to make an appointment you can call us at 020 612 64 93 and choose for option 2.

Wheels and brakes

True wheel (small) € 20
True wheel (big) € 30
Install new wheel set € 40
Make wheel set tubeless € 60
Wheel build € 80
New inner-/outer tube € 20
Glue a tube € 50
Adjust brake € 20
Replace brake pads € 25
Bleed the brakes € 60


Replace headset bearings € 40
Fork replacement € 50
Fork maintenance (MTB) € 85
Damper maintenance (MTB) € 125


Replace brake or gear cable € 20
Replace brake or gear cable (internal) € 25
Replace all cables € 75
Replace all cables (internal) € 85
Replace handlebar € 40
Handlebar tape € 20
Replace stem € 20

Frame and build

Mount a group set (external cables) € 200
Mount a group set (internal cables) € 250
Carbon and paint repair starting from € 150


Replace saddle € 15
Replace seatpost € 20
Install dropper post (MTB) € 50
Dropper post maintenance (MTB) € 100


Replace chain € 20
Replace rear sprocket € 25
Replace derailleur wheels € 25
Replace bracket bearings € 40
Replace chainrings € 40
Adjust derailleurs and gears € 30
Replace crankset € 30
Replace pedals € 15
Replace cleats € 15
Clean the drivetrain € 60

Corona maatregelen

Beste klant,

Het Corona virus houdt ook ons in de greep. Zolang we kunnen blijven we open, maar we vragen jullie wel om onze regels te respecteren:

  • Maximaal 1 klant tegelijkertijd in de werkplaats en maximaal 3 klanten tegelijkertijd in de winkel. Is de deur gesloten? Wacht dan buiten totdat je aan de beurt bent.
  • Kom je voor de werkplaats? Neem dan de ingang op de Rhijnvis Feithstraat 49. Let op! Je kunt op dit moment niet langskomen met je fiets zonder afspraak. Bel ons om een reparatie in te plannen.
  • Houd alstublieft 1,5 meter afstand en blijf achter de balie. Heb respect voor ons personeel en voor jezelf! Let’s stay healthy!!
  • We accepteren alleen nog maar PIN betalingen en geen contant geld.

We proberen ons serviceniveau hoog te houden, maar het gaat waarschijnlijk in sommige gevallen niet lukken zoals jullie van ons gewend zijn. We doen ons best lieve mensen!!

Groeten Team Kaptein


Dear customer,

The Corona virus is also affecting us. We will stay open as long as we can, but we ask you to respect our rules:

  • Maximum 1 customer at the same time in the workshop and maximum 3 customers at the same time in the store. Is the door closed? Then wait outside until it's your turn.
  • Are you coming for the workshop? Then take the entrance at Rhijnvis Feithstraat 49. Please note! At this time you cannot come by with your bike without an appointment. Call us to schedule a repair.
  • Please keep 1.5 meters distance and stay behind the counter. Respect our staff and yourself! Let's stay healthy!!
  • We only accept PIN payments and no cash.

We try to keep our service level high, but in some cases it can be somewhat less than expected. We try our best for you lovely people!!

Regards Team Kaptein