Custom Footbed / Soles


Custom Footbed / Soles
60 min

Important Reminder.

To ensure you get the most accurate and effective fitting, please remember to bring the following:

  • Your cycling shoes
  • Your full cycling kit

These items are essential for a proper bike fit. If you are unable to bring either item, please be aware that we cannot proceed with the fit as planned. In such a case, we would unfortunately need to reschedule your appointment, which may incur a discretionary fee.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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The key to more comfort, fewer injuries, and higher power output comes from a combination of the proper shoes and footbeds. Ours keep your pedal stroke stabilized and aligned for power, comfort, and your most efficient ride yet. Here’s a breakdown of the steps involved:

Step 1: Foot Assessment
– A fitter conducts a simple assessment of your feet to understand any limitations or issues you might have.
– This assessment helps determine the correct size and shape for your custom footbeds.

Step 2: Setting the Molding Tray
– After the foot assessment, you sit on the Retül Footbed stand to ensure the optimal position for molding.
– Your foot is placed into a tray designed for molding the custom footbeds.
– The fitter then begins to mold the tray material around the contours of your feet.

Step 3: Heating and Forming the Footbed
– Once the tray material is molded to the contours of your feet, the next step involves heating the footbed blank until it becomes pliable.
– The heated footbed blank is carefully placed into the molded tray.
– You, the rider, apply light pressure on top of each footbed for 2-3 minutes to ensure they take the shape of your feet.

Step 4: Fine Tuning
– After the footbed blanks have cooled and set, the custom footbeds can be trimmed and adjusted as needed to ensure a precise fit within your cycling shoes.
– This fine-tuning ensures the footbeds are comfortable and fit perfectly.

Step 5: Go Ride!
– Once all the previous steps are completed, you receive custom footbeds that are ready to use immediately.
– You can wear these custom footbeds in your cycling shoes right out of the studio, and they are designed to enhance comfort and power alignment during your rides.

These custom footbeds are created to provide stability, support, and comfort while cycling, ultimately improving your cycling experience by reducing the risk of injuries and maximizing your power output.