Vittoria Pitstop Super Magnum MTB


  • 125ml


Vittoria Pit Stop are the market-leading ‘on the fly’ puncture repair and inflation cartridge designed to get you back into the race without delay.

The single shot aerosol can contains expanding latex foam and propellant which is injected through the valve to inflate the tyre and repair most common punctures. No need to remove the wheel from the bike.

Works on butyl tubes, latex tubes, as well as tubeless tyres. This foam is light, easy to use and cleaner than dealing with liquids.

  • Pit Stop Super Magnum (125ml) has a multi fit nozzle for Presta or Schrader valves and is for larger volume MTB tyres up to 29″ x2.6.

Carry one in your pocket or ride pack, or strap/tape one to your frame for quick access when you need it.

Tubes and tires can continue to be used after application normally. The foam remains active inside the tyre for 3 months (longer in invironmental conditions are good).